How do we do with "special characters" like non-breaking spaces, long hyphens etc...?


i just stumpled across the github repository since a long time ago, and found out that most styles have been changed to include special characters like non-breaking spaces or long hyphens etc. "directly" - that is they are there as charachters and not as html formatting kind of style (whats the name of that?) like & #160; for example.

For example in the harvard7de style I used that a lot, and now they are changed - but still there.
Well, on one hand i don't really bother how to do that because i have not really a qualified opinion about that by myself...
on the other hand i wonder if there is a guideline for this kind of things? Is there a kind of preferred practice?

  • I'm pretty sure the preferred practice is still to use the character encoding when in doubt, though most regular symbols (like em dash or nbsp) should work either way.
    & <> " ' always need to be encoded as &amp ; &lt ; etc., though.
  • As long as you're editing the file as UTF-8, there shouldn't really be any need to use entities for anything other than the XML reserved characters (and really you don't need to use an entity for ' as long as you use double-quotes consistently) and special space characters such as &#160; that are clearer to read as entities.
  • OK, thats great! many thanks :-)
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