3.0b3 update seems to introduce more stringent CSL, errors show up in docs

The 3.0b3 update seems to introduce more stringent CSL: CLS style errors show up in documents where they wouldn't previously show up, and some of my customized styles don't work anymore (one because it "does not define a bibliography section" — but yesterday it did).
CSL STYLE ERROR: reference with no printed form
I get this for a book chapter that is in press and hence has no date. I have "in press" in the date field, which used to work, but now it throws this error.
  • that error has appeared in older versions - it should appear when there is nothing in the reference to print - e.g. if you'd have that reference with "in press" and _also_ have suppress author checked in an author-date style.
  • Well I had it just like that in the document, and with the previous beta version the "in press" from the date field would still show up. This is the first time I've seen that CSL style error so it appears to be connected to some change in 3.0b3.
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