Make copying and updating across libraries more clever

Proposal: if a group item is linked to a local item (i.e. originated by copying from the local library), allow a re-copying (and updating) if one of the items is updated. The existing conflict resolution dialog could be used. This is to compensate for the lack of syncing between local and group items.

Use case: I copy a collection to a group library. All group items are linked implictly to my local items. Later I add an attachment to one of the items locally. Now I want the corresponding group item to have the attachment too. But Z won't let me copy it.

Zotero has an excellent conflict resolution system and should be able to deal with cases such as this so that if I recopy this triggers a conflict resolution dialog with the possibility to combine the information from two items.
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    Bump — has this been seen? I still run into it now and then, and it just hurts me to know that Zotero has most of the code to handle this more gracefully except for some pieces of UI.
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