Problem with format template in Swedish MS word

I have a Swedish version of word 2007 (unfortunately) and have a problem with the bibliography format template. IN order for zotero to recognize it I need to name in "Bibliography" in English but every time I restart word it translates it to Swedish "Litteraturförteckning" meaning that zotero won't recognize it.
  • What's a bibliography format template?
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    asplundj is referring to the Word Style - as described in the documentation here - - that determines font and (to some degree) spacing for the bibliography inserted by Zotero.
  • Exactly I just forgot what it was called in the English version.
  • Would it be possible to make zotero recognize the word style zBibliogrpahy or ZoteroBibliography instead of simply Bibliographydo avoid that word automatically change the name and thus make it useless
  • I'm not totally clear why this is happening. You're saying Swedish Word just renames a style on its own if the style name matches one of the built-in styles?
  • Yes it does that with all styles that matches built-in styles. I guess it's because you should be able to share documents between MS word with different locales. Just like that excel-formulas are translated when you open a xls in Excel with another locale.
  • The same happens to me in the German version. The only workaround I have found is clicking on the little icon in the add-in to change the style, and then to click OK without making changes: Zotero then adds the standard style again, and it works until the next restart of Word. The idea of using ZoteroBibliography or zBibliography sounds very good to me, Word would then finally be stopping to rename the styles.

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  • just a short note: this feature is implemented in the development stream since yesterday. it still needs a short bit of bugfixing but I think it should be available in the next official version.

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  • Sounds great!¬†Do we need to make any changes, like defining the name of the style, or will the standard name be automatically something like ZoteroBibliography? Thanks a lot for implementing this!
  • The honor goes to Simon from the Zotero team I was just hinting the right directions. if you have a format that is named "Inhaltverzeichnis" everything should be fine and next time you update your links via the add-in it should be all right.

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  • just a short note: version doesn't yet have it fixed. properly because the addition came too late for this development cycle.
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