APA books in a series

When I use the APA style and there is a book in a series, the punctuation seems wrong. For example:

Vygotsky, L. S. (1962). Thought and language. (E. Hanfmann & Vakar, Trans.)Studies in communication. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

Note the lack of as space before the "Studies in communication".

Is that actually correct?
  • no, definitely not.
    I'm still trying to figure out what is correct here, though.
    If anyone has an APA 6th at hand I'd be thankful for input, web-based guides either don't have this or are all over the place.
  • I'm still trying to figure this out. APA 5th edition was

    Simons, R. C. (1996). Boo!: Culture, experience and the
    startle reflex
    . Series in affective science. New York:
    Oxford University Press.

    Still haven't been able to track this down for 6th ed. sigh.
  • The 6th edition says:

    "Enclose additional information given on the publication for its identification and retrieval (e.g., edition, report number, volume number) in parentheses immediately after the title. Do not use a period between the title and the parenthetical information; do not italicize the parenthetical information.

    Development of entry-level tests to select FBI special agents (Publication No. FR-PRD-94-06).

    If a volume is part of a larger, separately titled series or collection, treat the series and volume titles as a two-part title (see Chapter 7, Example 24)" (pp. 185-186).

    Example 24 (p. 204) is actually an electronic version of just part of a volume in a series:

    Strong, E. K., Jr., & Uhrbrock, R. S. (1923). Bibliography on job analysis. In L. Outhwaite (Series Ed.), Personnel Research Series: Vol. 1. Job analysis and the curriculum (pp. 140-146). doi:10.1037/10762-000
  • thanks Jalopy and Peter - I have removed the series title from APA - it looks to me like the example above should just be entered entirely as a book title. Typical series titles do not appear to be cited in APA style.

    I'm happy to change this back if someone has any info to the contrary.
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