i've donated to zotero before and would like to do so again, but I can't find where to do this. There really should be a big donate button on the homepage.
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    Interesting. I wonder why they took down the link. You can donate to the Center for History and New Media, the home of the Zotero project: [link removed — Zotero is no longer affiliated with CHNM/GMU]

    CHNM does other things as well, so a gift to them would support not only Zotero, but also Omeka, a number of public history projects, and hopefully more and more cool projects.
  • We removed the button because essentially no one was donating. On the other hand, lots of people are buying storage. We'll think about reincorporating a link to donate.
  • Some guidance on donations would be nice. I couldn't find any mention of donations in the Zotero site at all, which seems unreasonable. Perhaps something could be added to the "Get Involved" section?
  • That's a great idea. I'll work on adding something.
  • While you're modifying that page, please fix the link for "Write a translator to make it easier for zotero users to ingest content" to point to
  • There are several other links on that page that need to be redirected as well:
  • Hmmm...A couple of times when launching Zotero over the course of this paper the last 7 months (the first I've used it for), I was asked to donate, and did. I just got great help from AdamSmith in the forum and wanted to go give another $10 (not much, but hey, we're on quarters and payday isn't until 10/10!) But, like those above, I can't find the button. Apparently never got added to the SUPPORT tab. But I'll use the link above!
  • Don't give up hope. 'Tis the season. I'd be happy to donate to support your great product if you made it possible. Recently, I went through an extensive and difficult transition from EndNote, moving a very large library. Your support team was stellar.
  • I'm not sure what ceemitch was referring to—to my knowledge we haven't asked for donations in years, beyond a donation link in the website header that we removed in August 2011. While past donations are quite appreciated, we don't have any current plans to solicit donations. (You can donate to Zotero's home, the Center for History and New Media, to support other worthy projects, but such donations won't directly support Zotero, and some people who donated in the past ended up on George Mason University's giving mailing list, which we never intended.)

    If you find Zotero valuable, we're happy for you to subscribe to Zotero File Storage, which hopefully will make Zotero even more useful for you and which directly supports Zotero development. If you're not interested in Zotero File Storage, don't worry about it.
  • @Dan - there is a contribute button on the mozilla add-on download page for Zotero - where does that money go?
  • @jameskrussell - beyond what Dan says, one of the best ways to support Zotero is to tell others about it: friends, colleagues, students - and perhaps less obviously so, libraries/librarians.
    I've just come back from a tour of the country giving workshops for librarians and they tell me that demand and feedback from students and faculty are key in which ref managers they support and promote.
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    there is a contribute button on the mozilla add-on download page for Zotero - where does that money go?
    Ah, I forgot about that button on AMO. That goes to CHNM via the GMU Foundation, so as far as I know that'd be equivalent to the previous donate button—i.e., supporting CHNM projects generally but not Zotero directly. Given that we removed the donate button on, we've now removed that button as well.
  • Not sure if there's a better place for this comment, it's coming in 3.5 years after last contribution, but I second the notion of making donations to Zotero *easy*. I was just looking for a way. If it must be through CHNM, perhaps you could find a way to have them add a tick box where we can state that our support is for your wonderful product, Zotero, giving you recognition for your creation and resultant revenue. Also, I don't want to buy space I don't need instead; I'd rather donate and get the tax break. :-)
  • I don't work for/at CHNM, but my understanding is that the amount of donations were too small for it to be worthwhile to keep that option around.
    If you don't need storage, just say good things to your colleagues about Zotero and report bugs when you encounter them and consider that your way of supporting Zotero.
  • Thanks, Adam, good suggestion. I already do, and will continue to do. :-) - John
  • Is it still not possible to give a donation directly to Zotero? I also don't need extra space but would prefer to donate directly.
  • Same here. A big "Donate" button on the frontpage of Zotero, please.
  • Same here: I would like to donate directly to Zotero.
  • I would also like to donate directly to Zotero, and don't want to pay for storage. I have a little thing in the back of my head that says "it is far too expensive, for the same price on Google Drive I get 100GB" but I would love to donate directly to the project. The reason being a recurring subscription is lock-in, and I don't know what the future will bring.

    I'm also not happy donating to the GNMU as I don't have the time to do due diligence on their existing projects and motivations but would be more than happy to donate to the Corporation for Digital Scholarship. I couldn't find a button for that either.
  • Zotero storage subscriptions directly support continued Zotero development, so if you'd like to support the project financially, that'd be the way to do it. A recurring subscription isn't required — you can leave auto-renew off and you won't be charged again in a year.

    (The CHNM/GMU thing above hasn't been relevant since 2012 when we removed the last donate button. Zotero is no longer part of CHNM/GMU, so definitely don't donate to GMU if you want money to go to Zotero.)

    That said, we know some people want to contribute in dollar amounts other than what the storage plans offer, so we're hoping to have a better way to do that soon. We'll post here when that becomes available.

    Thanks very much for your support.
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    I love Zotero and I would like to keep on supporting its development with my annual subscription. However, 6GB for $60 is very little, given what other cloud storages solutions offer. After almost 10 years of use my library is too large to sync, making Zotero less useful while doubling down on fees for unlimited storage is financially not attractive. Also, as you can read above, it discourages new subscriptions so wouldn't it be better for EVERYONE involved to make it more attractive - more space or cheaper - rather than working on solutions for donations? I could imagine a win-win here with more revenue for you and more storage for us.
  • Hi,
    there is a "Make a donation" link on this address:
    It directs you to the CHNM of George Mason University.
    @dstillmann, you said a donation to CHNM does not support Zotero. So, why is this link directing you there?
  • @Trunkensoul: Sorry, that shouldn't have been there anymore — I've removed that link. Thanks.
  • Great, thank you.
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    I also wondered whether I could donate in addition to my subscription. As I remembered there was a donation link on the website (see Trunkensoul's post), I just spend some minutes on searching various sections of before googling "Zotero Donate" and finding this informative thread.

    Maybe you might want to include the information that you gave in this thread on the website so that "impulsive donators" don't lose motivation to spend their money on zotero. ;)
  • I am subscribed to a famous PDF reader for iPad (Apple awards, yadda yadda). I just recently discovered Zotero and it's so, so much better that it makes me angry. My subscription is about to lapse, so instead of renewing it I want to send that money to Zotero.

    I see in this thread that storage is the standard way to donate. Just to double-check, is that so even if I don't need the storage at all?
  • I subscribe to unlimited storage but I use scarcely more than the free amount of storage. If there is a better way to donate, I'd like to know.
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