Updated Style Sheet for CBQ/ CBA

This is an updated style guide with instructions for use for contributors to the Catholic Biblical Quarterly (CBQ) or members of the Catholic Biblical Assosciation (CBA). There are a few bugs caused by a difference of assumptions of what is standard between CBA and Zotero, and not all data types are yet mapped in Zotero, but this is a very good solution nonetheless.

The CSL may be found at:

-N. Lamontagne
  • great. Check out
    for style requirements with respect to naming, id etc. If you could quickly fix those up that'd be helpful.
  • Thank you Adam, corrections noted, and I hope that I did that right. Along with a few changes in spacing, the corrected style is now to be found at


    and is called cba-style-update.csl

  • to clarify - why are you calling this an update? Is this actually based on an update of the style guide itself, or is the "update" referring to Zotero/csl?
    If the latter, I would take it out - the style name should refer to the style itself, not it's history in csl (which, if needed can be traced via the style repository on github).
    If this is actually referring to an updated style guide put out by the CBA this is the way to go.
  • point taken, and the file and style are renamed: cba-style.

    also, slight change; added commas after genre when citing dissertations.

  • Thanks, the file is up with a couple of small tweaks to naming and formatting but no substantive changes. I've also added a dependent style for CBQ
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