Zotero Causes Firefox 9 Beta To Crash

I'm currently experiencing a problem where Firefox 9 Beta 4 would often crash when saving an item into Zotero.

I understand that Firefox 9 Beta is not officially recognised as being compatible with Zotero 3.0 Beta 2, but it would be nice if the Zotero team can look into this issue. I recently updated Firefox to version 9 beta to get around some other issue (which is completely unrelated to Zotero) I was having with Firefox 8. It's been a little while since Zotero 3.0 Beta was last updated anyway.

I'm using Zotero (3.0b2) on Firefox (9.0b4) under Ubuntu 11.10.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, that such an issue didn't arise until I upgraded to Firefox 9 Beta. Zotero was working fine on Firefox 8.
  • Can you trigger this reproducibly? Does it matter if you have PDF indexing enabled in the Zotero preferences?
  • (You can disable PDF indexing to check by setting the max values to 0 in the Search pane of the prefs.)
  • Thanks for the replies.
    Yeah I don't think such a setting has to do with what I'm observing, since I'm actually trying to save a website and not a PDF.

    It was reproducible at least for this specific website (on both views):
    Firefox crashed perhaps every other attempt to save these websites.
  • What if you set just that top setting (which isn't specific to PDFs) to 0?
  • Okay, you guys were right.

    Setting the text indexing to 0 seems to circumvent the issue. While I prefer to leave this option enabled, should I just keep it disabled until this problem is resolved in Zotero?

    Or do you possibly have a solution now that we've diagnosed the problem?
  • We think that it's this Firefox bug, and we're hoping it will get fixed in time for Firefox 9 final.
  • > Simon
    Thanks for informing me about the cause of this problem. I read this post <http://forums.zotero.org/discussion/20935/zotero-does-not-work-in-firefox-aurora-10/>; some days ago and, instead of waiting for the patches to arrive in the stable/beta channel, have decided to upgrade to Firefox 10 (Aurora) using alongside the developer build of Zotero.

    As was mentioned in the Firefox bug report, this bug seems to be resolved in Firefox 10 (alpha 2) and Zotero, including the indexing feature, is working again!

    Thanks a million for your help! :)
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