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Hi fellow Zoterogators. I'm trying to reproduce a printed bibliography as a Zotero collection, and I'm wondering if there are any suggestions as to how I might include the numbering? The biblio can be seen here:
The annotations often refer to other entries by number, for example (if a reprint etc.). Thanks.
  • could you explain a bit more? It's possible in Zotero to have numbered bibliographies - but that's not what you're after, is it?
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    I'm actually making this for a group library. If an item is a reprint of a previous item, the printed annotation refers back to the original by [Number]. In my local library I can just link to the previous item in the 'Related' tab, but as far as I can tell, the web interface for group libraries doesn't list 'related' items, correct?
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    See, for example, this entry:

    "[324] HERREN, Michael, Latin Lettm in Earl), Christian Irclal1d (Collected Studies Series), Aldershot (Varionlln), 1996, XII + 348 pp. and 2 tables.

    Contains the reprint of the articles Brennan n.100, Van Riel 1996 n.174 and n.176. [where Brennan and Van Riel are former versions of the bibliography]"

    I've been entering the annotation into the 'Extra' field, but entries like this make no sense without the numbering scheme. My main concern, again, is with the web interface, for users who don't have local instances of the group library and thus won't have the previous item under 'Related'. Do you have any suggestions for implementing this? I could, for example, use hyperlinks to other items (eg.[etc]/items/collectionKey/[etc]/itemKey/[etc])) in the Extra field instead of the number. Would this be the best way?
  • I have placed the [Number] in the 'Loc. in Archive' field, which has the advantage of even sounding kinda right.
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