SpringerLink translator fails to scrape issue number

Some items are correctly scraped as journal articles, but with the issue number missing. For instance, http://www.springerlink.com/content/q1636371674m36p1/ is listed as "Volume 50, Number 1" but the 1 is not present in the "Issue" field for the item.

Zotero 2.1.10 (Firefox 8)
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    See Nr. 5 here:
    there is no Zotero translator for Springerlink and there likely won't be until they change something about their site.
    You can send them an e-mail and suggest registering better data with CrossRef, that actually helps sometimes.

    edit: oops, sorry, see below.
  • Fixed. Click "Update translators" from the Zotero preferences to get the new version of the translator.

    Thanks for reporting this.
  • adamsmith: The data was in the CrossRef XML, just in a slightly different place.
  • I'm not getting the updated translator. Did you forget to change the lastUpdated date? :)
  • Precisely. Fixed now-- should be going out almost immediately.
  • Got it, thanks!
  • I can't get Springerlink to export at all, I just get a prompt to download/open the file.
  • kieran - when you use the Icon in the URL bar you get that prompt? That would be odd. If you're exporting the RIS from SpringerLink that's a known issue.
  • Hi there
    I still have difficulties to download the citation from springerlink:
    Irrespective of the selected citation manager no data is imported into ZOTERO.
    What can I do?
  • For articles that are older than a couple of months, going to the article page and using the URL-bar icon to import to Zotero (which, in the case of a missing translator, such as Springerlink, searches for the article via DOI) should work. It does in this case.

    As I say above, the fact that using Springer's export function doesn't work with Zotero is known. They're not serving their file with a usable mime-type.
  • A SpringerLink translator is up now - includes abstracts and pdfs (provided you have access).
    It will automatically update in your version of Zotero within 24hs or you can update immediately from the general tab of the Zotero preferences.
  • I updated my translators, and I still cannot import this item:


    I get an import error. Just for disclosure, I am using NoScript (should it matter?).
  • those book displays are not going to happen any time soon - it may(!) be possible, but it's just too much work for a limited benefit (Zotero tries to get this via DOI and fails - the translator doesn't detect that site)
  • For what it's worth, the translator will work for individual section through the content view, e.g.
    though the data will be mediocre at best.
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