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I have Word 2010 with the custom Zotero toolbar installed. I would like to know how to customize the output data from citations so that my footnotes are in the proper format as required by my school. I am not talking about the SYLE as much as I am talking about the FONT SIZE, etc.

Any help would be appreciated.


W. Hill
Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary
  • This applies:
    I believe the Word formatting style used for footnotes is simply called "Footnote"
  • Thanks! That is helpful though I am still having issues getting the footnote to be at 12 font. Strange, if insert the footnote it will be at 10 font and if I hit the "undo" arrow it reverts to 12. It is at 10 when it first drops it in.
  • I appreciate the help. It seems that the font control is SET by the citation rule that is being used. That is, whatever STYLE you choose, it automatically sets it for you.
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