Can't Create Parent Item from standalone note

I am using Zotero 3.0b2 via Firefox 8.0.1. When I right click on a standalone note I do not get the option to Create a Parent Item from Selected Item in the drop down menu.

I understand that this option should be available from this post:

Dan Stillman, Jul 7th 2009: "Create Parent Item from Selected Item" is implemented in 2.0b6, available now. It works on standalone attachments and notes.

I do get the option when I write click on a standalone pdf.

I have the same problem in the standalone version of Zotero.

  • No, that option isn't available for notes. I'm not sure I see why it should be?
  • It would be to subsequently subsume a note under a broader category to which other notes and items may then be added or related.

    The idea comes from this YouTube demonstration – and please note that at around the 2:40 mark, the presenter right clicks on the standalone note and the "Create Parent Item" option appears in the list and and the parent item is successfully created!

  • I was wondering exactly the same things after watching the same demo, which offers a wonderful suggestion for using Zotero to organize which sources will be used in which sections of the high-level outline for a paper. It does indeed seem that a feature to add a parent item for a standalone note has been lost since that video was made.

    What I'm doing as a workaround is simply to "save" a blank web page (Item Type is irrelevant here), type in the title for the grouping of notes, sources, documents etc., and then move other items under it as children.

    A little clunky but not too bad.
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