best practices for building zotero-enabled web content

Are there any published guidelines or best practices for designing the content of a target web site to be zotero-enabled?
i.e. to show the zotero icon in the browser's URL field?
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    Thanks for the link on metadata ..
    but I am looking for guidelines for integrating zotero
    with CMS .. in particular Drupal .. and to learn how to bring this mashup together for an enterprise knowledge base.

    I have found references to Drupal 7.x and RDFa which might be the core.


    Also found references to other frameworks such as OpenCalais, Tamboti etc.

    Interesting historical presentation found here ..
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    Zotero can't read RDFa yet, but we're eager to add solid support in the near future. and we have a good RDF processor in place to make that happen. So work with Drupal now, make good metadata, and we'll work on making sure Zotero reads it right. In fact, if you get something going with good embedded data in RDFa, I promise to add RDFa parsing to Zotero to read it out nicely. We've mainly been missing good test cases to build our parser on.
  • Has there been any progress on this? I would love to make some Drupal pages Zotero-readable - what's the latest on RDFa for Zotero?
  • Zotero still doesn't read RDFa and frankly I still haven't seen any proper (bibliography-related) RDFa implementations. If you have some examples, this shouldn't actually be too hard to implement.
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    Thanks for reawakening this old thread.
    I’m prompted to revisit research into RDFa in XHTML content

    I’ve now found an RDFa Developer Extension to add to Firefox.

    I found this example RDFa embedded page generated by php (my choice now is php mvc framework and not drupal).

    If you view this test page with RDFa Developer exyension enabled in Firefox you can inspect RDFa content of content rendered in browser.

    More discussion found here …

    Unfortunately Zotero version 3.0.11 extension for Firefox (which previously worked at one time) now shows error when enabled in Firefox 25.0.1. I'll have to find a fix to Zotero extension before going on to test.

    [Later Edit]

    Upgraded my Zotero to version 4.0 in my Firefox extension and I'm back working again.
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