How to bulk import plain text notes

I have notes scattered in a myriad of text files that I want to import as standalone notes in Zotero.

Is there anything already available?

Otherwise I plan to write a simple script to transform each of them into Zotero RDF. Not difficult but if possible I want to avoid this step. But the biggest problem is that I have to import each rdf one by one. Very time consuming.

Thanks for your help!
  • If you are familiar with Python, you can use pyzotero to create notes from the files and upload them:

    For an example of an automated upload using the library, see the CSV example linked here; you should be able to read in the text files and create notes in much the same way.
  • I have the same question, but unlike Mario, I have no script-writing skilz. In the year since this thread started, has the ability to bulk import (thousands of) text files been incorporated, and if not, can anyone recommend a work-around to get these files into Zotero, short of cutting and pasting?

    PS, this sort of software capability is sought by the world at large:

    Thanks for any help, info
  • no, nothing of the sort exists.
    Since Zotero is mostly a reference manager, I'd also guess that for the sole purpose of dealing with notes, a simpler, less feature-rich program focused on notes and note-taking would probably work better.
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