Some improvements for single item view


in my opinion, the display of a single item (like a journal article) on the website is not solved really optimally.

When I click on an item, my interest is to see immediately without further clicking everything what is important and related to this item. And this in a compact tidy (printable) way.

Acutally I see a lot of non interesting meta data (like Journal Abbrev., DOI, ISSN, ...), some interesting meta data (like author, titel) but all in a simple listing format (sometimes I have 20 lines of authors)and no (very interesting) notes, which I can read immediately (without a lot of clicks).

So my suggestions for improvement of the "standard" full item view online

- Reduce the displayed meta data to minimum (like it is necessary for example as an entry for a bibliography)
- Format the displayed meta data in a compact format (like a entry for a bibliography, see for example how pubmed displays an entry). So one has the necessary meta data in an nice formated manner.
- Show all notes with full text inside the parent item. Best in a foldable box for every note, to have the possibility to hide/show the note. With the standard: show note. When hide-note is active, it should be shown as it is acutally - perhaps with the first line.
- Show the tags in such a foldable box, too.
- Treat attachments and links as before.
- Make a print item button - to be able to get this nice report-view of the full item out of the web-browser.

Thanks for reading the post.
  • Hi,
    is nobody here, who gives some comments on this "feature request" for online item view on the zotero website?
  • (numbering your lists makes it easier to respond to specific points)

    1. Not sure what you mean if this is not the same as your second bullet.
    2. The formatted item in a preferred style will likely be added.
    3. In a modern browser clicking on the note to view it then going back to the item should be nearly instant, which is why we don't do this right now. It is worth considering though, as is giving notes top billing. I'd like to hear from other people on that.
    4. Is there a particular painful scenario with tags you're trying to solve here?
    6. Are you thinking of basically an item view with all collapsed elements you proposed expanded and with the frame removed?
  • Thanks fcheslack, for commenting my post.

    My aim for the points 1-6 is in summary, to have a full view like the report view implemented in the firefox-zotero plugin (the layout there could be improved too ;-) ) for the item on the web site as default view of any item. I think, it's much better to you have the main information on one page in a compact format - for printing, for viewing without clicking, for web-page intern searching (through all notes of one item), ...

    I use the notes like a discussion of an item. And like this dicussion forum here, it is nice to see all notes/comments at once. It would be a lot of work, clicking seperately on all single posts to read an dicussion completely.

    Points no 1 and 2 - are not the same. First (1) special meta data like DOI,.. are not meta data of primary interest and could be omitted. The important necessary meta-data like title, author,.. should be formated in a more compact manner (2).
    To (3) - It's not the addtional loading time, which trouble me. It's the fact, that not all of the information - gathered around one item, is displayed at once. (for the points mentionned above).
    To (4) - What should be the problem to place the tags of an item in a foldable box (if this is possible for notes).
    To (5) - I think of a item view - where i can see everything on one page - with a print button to get this hopply nice view (without the frame of the out to the printer / or a pdf.
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