Reduce tag selection according preselected items


is it possible to reduce the tag-cloud listed in the tag selector according the acutally listed items (which are preselected due to a search or a folder...)? This tag-list behavior (as it exist for the tag selection of the firefox plugin) would be nice to have. I use the tag-box often to get an overview over the "tagged" content of a selection of items. This is not possible to do, if allways all tags of the library are shown.

Perhaps a simple solution could be, to rearange the complete list of tags in that manner, that the "used tags" are display above and the "unused tags" of the whole library are at the end of the list (perhaps written in gray).

  • Unless I'm misunderstanding you, what you describe is the default behavior. It sounds like you turned on "Display All Tags in This Library" in the tag selector menu.
  • edited November 24, 2011
    Oh, you're referring to the website... If I recall, the API (which the website uses) doesn't yet support the necessary methods to replicate the client's tag selector behavior on the website. But it's planned.
  • Thanks for the information.
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