FF downgrade/upgrade causes sync loop

A new office computer came with FF 3.6.3 deployed (instead of something like version 6-8 I had earlier). Installing Zotero worked fine and I wasn't aware of the difference until I got a message to the effect that "this sync operation can only be done in FF4+."

So I had my IT dept upgrade FF to version 8.0, reinstalled Zotero, library loads fine. But now I seem to have ended up in a loop:

1. I sync, then get 48 conflict resolution dialogs. (Why? Certainly I did not change all those items nor just those items in the period since the downgrade; I recognize older stuff and the library also has newer stuff.)
2. I click through those, then the arrow spins a bit and I get "Delete reconciliation unimplemented for searches" (submitted as error 1729557275)
3. Then when I sync again FF becomes unresponsive. I wait, and get my 48 conflict resolution dialogs again (step 1).
4. When I cancel, sync wheel says "not yet synced" (as it should).

But how do I get out of this loop? Restarting FF does not work, because after a restart I get
5. "Conflicts have suspended automatic syncing. Click the sync icon to resolve them."
6. I do this and end up at step 1 above.
  • I'm also wondering whether this is the kind of situation in which one uses Restore (from Zotero Server); and whether Restore from Zotero Server deletes and re-gets just bibliographic metadata or also attachments. (This is not clear from the documentation.)
  • Update: went ahead and did Restore from Server after making a full copy of my Zotero folder.

    Got a "Your database is cleared, do you want to sync?" notice after restarting FF. Now FF is "Not Responding", there is no time indication, and the sync progress bar is invisible. Suggestion: improve this chain of events by for instance auto-opening Zotero when the user says yes to syncing. Now I have no idea what it's doing and how long it's going to take.
  • edited November 17, 2011
    Oh well that wasn't so bad: we're up and running again. Thank you for listening to me documenting my troubles.
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