can i use standalone and firefox plugin?

apologies if i'm re-treading old ground.
I'd like to try the standalone, but can i do so and then possibly return to the firefox version? Will changes that i make to my library be carried across, or will i screw up the database?
  • It's recommended to use the standalone with the beta version of Zotero (i.e. 3.0b2) but doing that is safe.
    The database also isn't upgraded, so you'd be able to downgrade to 2.1.10 again should it be necessary.
  • thanks, so to try the standalone would i need to disable the firefox plugin first, presuming that the two versions shared the database?

    And if, say, i deleted an item in the standalone, and then 're-activated' the firefox version would that change be recognised?

    Sorry for the basic questions!
  • when you start the standalone (SA) the first time it asks you if you want it to share the DB with the Firefox plugin - I'd recommend saying yes.*
    In that case there is no need to disable the FF plugin, no. When the SA is open, the FF plugin works like the connectors in chrome and safari. You won't be able to open Zotero in FF as long as SA is running. Because they share a database, any change would apply to both.

    This is still beta software, so you should make sure that you have regular back-ups (you should make sure of that anyway), but it's very stable and chances of any corruption are virtually zero.

    *If you say no you'd have to completely separate databases, as if running Zotero on two separate computers. You can sync them etc. but I see little reason for that.
  • that's wonderful, all my queries answered!
    I shall go and install now (well, maybe in the morning...)
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