Weird error message?

I can't sync and get this weird error message that: "The file XXXX could not be created in the Zotero 'storage' directory." I reported it with error number: 503012938. Not sure what to do?

I can't find the file named in the error message either.
  • Also, I have emptied trash as was suggested elsewhere. This is very frustrating as I depend on Zotero synching properly. What else can I try?
  • First, though it won't fix this, upgrade to 2.1.10. You're using an outdated version of Zotero.

    For the error, this issue is already fixed on the trunk and will be fixed in the next beta release of Zotero 3.0. In the meantime, if that file is your own, you can locate it file on another computer, rename it to remove the line break in the filename (which might show up as an extra space), relink it in Zotero, resync that computer, and then resync this computer. If the file is from a group, you can either leave the group or install the trunk dev XPI, sync, and then revert to 2.1.10 or 3.0b2 after syncing. (Despite what it says on that page, the trunk XPI should be fairly safe to use right now, though you should of course always have an up-to-date backup of your Zotero data directory.)
  • Thanks. I did already upgrade, no it did not fix it.

    I cannot find the file. Not on my hard disk, not on my Zotero library. Is there any way to find it that I am not aware of? I'm using standard Zotero search or looking for files on the hard disk.

    Is this preventing from other files being synched?
  • The file is from one of your groups. See above for the workaround.
    Is this preventing from other files being synched?
    It's possible. I can tell you if you provide a Debug ID for a sync.
  • It won't prevent data from syncing, though.
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