Size of tags in website view very small, tags appear incomplete

Hi there,

I love the way it is now possible to view and edit group libraries online. This is a great step forward!

There is just one thing I find less than perfect: in the list of tags shown in the left sidebar, each tag has a fixed size regardless of the actual length of the tag; in one of my group libraries, we have rather long tags (usually two words, something like: "activity: collaborate" or "object: metadata"), and these all show up only with the first few letters actually displayed. On mouseOver, the entire text is shown, but this is not a very convenient way of finding the tag you would like to search by.

So, is there a way of making either all tags larger/longer or all tags as large/as long as their content warrants?

Thanks for any comments! Christof
  • Hi Christof,

    I have the same problem. I use structered tags (as a work around for hierarchical tags) (e.g. >PHYS>acoustic>waveequation ), and the differences between similar tags lie in the end of every tag, which acutually couldn't be seen (directly).

    It would be nice, if one could display the tags much more compact and in full length.

    I suggest to spend more area for the tag selector (perhaps one could use one separat column only for tags), use a smaller font, remove or reduce the size of the box around of every single tag. Perhaps it is possible to give the user some settings, how he want the tags to be displayed.

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