ISI Web of Knowledge - translator fail: 2011-11-10


I've been trying to download citations from the Web of Knowledge but only getting the error:

"Could not save item, An error occurred while trying to save this item, Check Known Translator Issues for more information."

It works with other databases/search engines.

I'm using the most up to day Firefox 8.0.

My version of Zotero is 2.1.10

I'm not using the stand alone version

Within the Web of Knowledge search page, I've tried both the Web of Science data base and the All Databases tabs. I cannot save using either.

The Zotero icon in the address bar is a folder. (I'm trying to save the citation to a folder.)

I've followed all of the steps at except for the resetting the translator page as I had not modified that directory and the symptoms described did not match my experience.

When I hover my pointer over the Zotero icon, the message correctly reads: Save to Zotero (ISI Web of Knowledge)

The report ID for my attempts is: 1591539411

Am I missing something???

Thanks for your help.

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