Old Bailey court cases not downloading

Last night (in front of a class) and today (on a different computer), I tried clicking the Zotero button on a few cases in the Old Bailey Proceedings website (one example: http://www.oldbaileyonline.org/browse.jsp?id=t16780828-12&div=t16780828-12&terms=hog#highlight). Each time, a blank rectangle appeared near the bottom of my screen, but there were no words in the rectangle - usually there's a message there indicating what is being downloaded - and no new item appears in my Zotero folder. However, there is no error message.

Is it time do make changes to the Old Bailey translator? This database has been receiving a good deal of press lately and it features Zotero prominently on its usage guide, so it would be good if Zotero would work properly there. Thanks!
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    I can't replicate that. Zotero creates an entry for me (the data isn't fantastic, but that's the nature of the site).
    Disable all other add-ons, then re-try saving and submit an error report immediately afterwards, post the error ID here.
  • I have disabled every single extension and every single plugin except Zotero and its Word add-in. The same thing happens: icon present, responds with empty box and no error message, but also no citation download, when clicked.

    Also, the "Report Errors" option under Zotero's gear icon is grayed out and does not respond when I try clicking it.

    If it helps, I am running Zotero 2.1.10 on Firefox 8.0. My computer runs Windows 7.
  • I'm getting a similar failure on the link above using MLZ with the latest translator source archive. Playing with the code, I get "null" for all attempts to find a div node using xpath. Dumping the textContent of the body node returns only this (line endings added for readability):
    Saw this:
    google_handleError, google_render_ad);

    The path reported by doc.location.href is correct, so it should be looking at the the page we see on the screen. MLZ seems to work fine for other sites.

    Not sure what it means, but it's certainly odd.
  • bingo Frank - that's it. I have adblock installed and thus filter the google ads and it works for me. With adblock disabled I get the same silent fail.
    Not sure if/how we can get around it, but now at least I know where to start.
  • Glad that was useful! I also checked the page with the W3C validator, and it turned up a syntax error; there is a missing </li> down toward the bottom of the page. I guess that will rule out parsing the page in E4X.
  • I also don't see why we're being affected by the IFRAME here...
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