Field for "Abbreviated Series Title" required (and list management)

In Biblical Studies (on both sides of the Atlantic and in various citation styles) it is common to include abbreviated series titles in the citations. It would be handy to have this field added to the metadata for books and book sections.

It would of course be possible to change all series titles to the abbreviated form, but this is less desirable because:

1. In some circumstances, publishers want full series titles, not abbreviations (for example, when publishing essays in a cross-disciplinary volume). It's nice to have both available, as we do now with Journal titles.
2. Databases invariably have full series titles, not abbreviations (when they include series information at all). It'd be nicest to work with this rather than against it. The ideal solution for both series and journal abbreviations would be some kind of a list management system (like in JabRef), where the Series full names can automatically be matched to abbreviations to insure consistency in both long and short forms and consistent mapping between them. (This could ultimately be assisted, by a web service, but would ideally have the ability to still be locally controlled).

The other problem that list management could help solve is that some publishers want only a canonical list of series titles abbreviated. The rest they expect in full. Styles could be configured to abbreviate Jrnl/Series titles when abbreviations are available, but default to full titles when they are not. CSL is adept at that kind of thing.
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