Advanced search for attachments

Not a big issue (and maybe not a troubleshoot but a feature request) but when you search for item with:

--> Attachment file type is PDF:
All the web page with pdf are appearing (even if it is just an attached link)

--> Attachment type is web page:
All the snapshot are appearing although it is not really a web page anymore (but a locally saved web page)

It would be useful to correct that because it would facilitate the clean up of attached files (for saving server space). (A link take no space but pdf and snapshoots can take lots of space...)
  • edited November 10, 2011
    Anyone have a comment on that? Should I post it elsewere? Is that (what I said) makes sense or I just didn't find the good way to use advanced search?

  • No need to post elsewhere.

    Basically, advanced search is just concerned with the file type, not with whether it takes up disk space.
  • I agree, but a link to a web page is not equivalent as a stored web page and a link to a pdf on the web is not equivalent as an attached pdf... But anyway I still appreciate the software! Thanks for the answer and the software!
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