Duplicate detection in group library crashes Zotero

Report ID: 151930164. I am on Zotero 3.0 beta, Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Firefox 7.0.1. I am 'showing' duplicate items in a group library. However, when I try and merge the first items, I get an error message - 'An error occurred opening Zotero' and asks me to restart. This keeps happening every time I try and merge the items. I merged items fine in my personal library, and all other actions in Zotero seem stable. Any clues?
  • Duplicate detection within groups is a bit buggy in the current 3.0 beta. This will likely be fixed in the next beta. I'd wait to use duplicate detection in groups until then.
  • OK, great to know. I love the idea though - it was one of the features I missed most.
  • I'm working on Ubuntu 64 bits and version 3.0b3.2 in Standalone mode. Duplicate merging of references has stop to work since few days, it was working last week. Any ideas?. The solution announced in November post is still on production? Some shortcut? Thanks in advance.
  • meclior: You'll have to be more specific, and ideally provide a Report ID.
  • 538035597

    This is the number of report ID . Happens when I try to merge duplicate items in zotero standalone under ubuntu 11.10 64 bits
    All the other features seem work fine except the duplicate items merging.
    Thanks a lot for your patience and help.
  • Do you have the sortAttachmentsChronologically hidden pref enabled?
  • Yes it is enabled, I think by default. I need to change it?
    Thanks again
  • No, it's disabled by default. (If it's set to true, it should show up in bold in about:config, meaning that it's been changed from the default.)

    Disabling that pref will work around the bug. I've fixed it for 3.0 Final.
  • Ok , I chage it to false. Now thw bold letters changed to normal. Some applies to notes?
  • It works!
    Thanks for the help and for your rapid answer
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