crash on sync

error report 1020256478

I don't know what happened. First time it has happened.
  • There are no relevant errors in there. You'll have to provide more details.
  • I am sorry: I wish I could. It just gave the "you have to restart firefox" message and stopped. I truly don't know what just happened.
  • If you can reproduce it, provide a Debug ID. Otherwise, don't worry about it.
  • I can add that it got past the conflict resolution stage.
  • Could it be that the reporting feature itself isn't working in v. 3? I had another kind of crash that is pretty common for me (this one comes when I add/move folders, or something), and again, error reporting is greyed out!

  • The reporting feature isn't broken. A crash of Zotero—the restart message in the center pane—often doesn't generate an error, because it has a different cause. A sync error will almost always produce an error report.
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