Editing collaborative document if not all have/use Zotero

Quick question. Can anyone describe what might happen if a document includes citations and bibliography created using Zotero but the document is subsequently reviewed and edited (including making modifications to citations/bibliography) by a collaborator who is not using Zotero?

  • Short version - it won't work.
    One possibility is that Zotero will overwrite all edits when you get it back. The other possibility is that it won't recognize citations.
    I collaborate with Zotero I either tell my co-authors to not touch citations or I remove field codes before I send the document and just give up on using Zotero (at least the word plugin) afterwards.
  • OK, THANKS! It's as I suspected.

    I guess I'll have to work a bit harder to convince certain colleagues to start using Zotero.
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