New styles ISO 690 on GitHub

I've submitted 4 styles (author-date EN and FR, numeric EN and FR) based on the ISO-690 norm on GitHub:
Thanks for publishing it in the styles repository.
  • Thanks! I haven't looked at those in detail, but couldn't they be packed into two styles instead of four? I.e. one numeric one author-date and the differences are dealt with using locales?
    Or are there differences between the styles that couldn't be defined in a locales file?
  • Unfortunately there are some differences that we couldn't manage in a locales file, like the space before ":" in French and not in English. That's why we did 4 styles.
  • thanks, too bad. One more thing - could you remove the version numbering from the IDs and the filenames? Those don't really make sense (nor are they necessary) in the context of the repository.
  • I didn't find where I can edit the gist. Is it possible or do I have to create a new gist?
  • never mind then, I'll do it when I upload. There is an edit button on the top left of a gist, but only when it recognizes you as the owner/creator.
  • thanks, they're up, will show up shortly, preview takes a couple of hours before it wors - I saw that you did manage do edit out the version numbers, thanks. Didn't change anything except the indenting - while I haven't tested this, it looks great.
  • Does anybody here know whether the IS690 styles discussed in this thread can replace ? (see also
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