Help! I lost the library...

I'm trying to set up my Zotero library on a jump drive so I can carry it from computer to computer. Copied the files, then set the path to the new folder (on the jump drive). Now, when I open Firefox, all I get is an error - "There was an error opening Zotero" - an no way to go in and change the path back.

Is there any way to get into Zotero to correct this problem? Thanks for your help!
  • You can access the data directory path preference by going to Tools->Add-ons, selecting and right-clicking Zotero, and selecting "Preferences".

    It's most likely just a configuration problem or an incorrectly copied data directory, but if you're not able to figure it out, follow the steps in the Advanced Instructions of the Reporting Bugs page and let us know what errors show up in the console.
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