webdav folder name


is there a reason the webdav sync folder must end on "zotero"? Could this be left up to the user?
Background is that I would like to sync several zotero users' literature onto the same webdav. This is only possible if I can enter a path or at least a diferent folder name.
If "zotero" was left as standard entry, a change of this feature would be transparent to current users.
  • Why not just create a subfolder for each user?
  • sure, that was my first idea. However, it doesn't work: if I enter a path before the hard-coded "/zotero/", I get a message saying that my username/password weren't accepted. I guess it's because zotero tries to contact the entire address as server, which is of course incorrect. What I would need is 2 lines, the first for the server, the second for the path.
  • I guess it's because zotero tries to contact the entire address as server
    No, it doesn't. It's just a WebDAV URL, and Zotero appends "/zotero" to the end. (If Zotero required you to own the domain root, it would be useless for an awful lot of people.)

    You need to create the user directories first, though. Zotero should tell you that they're missing, but that depends on your WebDAV server's response.
  • well, this was exactly my thought, "useless". I cannot get this to work. As soon as I add a path, I get the message that username/password were not accepted. Since you say that it should not be zotero's fault, I suppose it's an issue with my server. I'll ask the admins whether they have an idea.
    Thanks for your help.
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