not translating, but is

I can add an item (using the little blue book in the URL thingie) from

but not from

The logging output for the second of these is :

(4)(+0007344): Translate: Parsing code for

(3)(+0000002): Translate: Beginning translation with

(3)(+0000004): HTTP GET

(3)(+0000097): Translate: Translation successful

(5)(+0000000): Translate: running handler 0 for done

Whereas for the .com it's _much_ longer - 162 lines.

So the translator is giving up?!
  • confirmed. doesn't work either - it seems like the non-US amazon servers don't accept Zotero's requests:
    <Code >AWS.MissingParameters</ Code>
    <Message>Your request is missing required parameters.
    Required parameters include AssociateTag.</Message>
  • Looks like this change, announced for November 1, has already taken place for non-US servers.
  • This isn't something I can fix; the Zotero core team will have to acquire an Amazon associate tag so we can add it to the request template.
  • THanks for looking AJ

    I suppose, until this is fixed we could use google books and the US amazon site.

  • edited October 29, 2011
    Fixed. Your copy of Zotero should auto-update within 24 hours, or you can update manually by clicking Update Now in the General pane of the Zotero prefs.
  • This is now happening plain old Amazon for us. I have 2.1.8 installed, and I've tried to update the translators manually but the problem persists. (The item attempts to download, but the download-in-process box is blank, and no record is created.)

    Please don't tell me to upgrade to the current version of Zotero, as I work at a large institution that has a complicated software approval process, and we are awaiting approval for 2.1.10.

    What I'd like to confirm is that I'm having this problem because 2.1.8 is "no longer supported" and if that's the case, find out if there's any work-around we could try in the meantime? Or is something else going wrong?


  • 2.1.8 is no longer receiving translator updates, so you won't receive the above fix.

    Manually copying the updated Amazon translator into the 'translators' directory of your Zotero data directory and restarting Firefox might work.
  • Thanks. I'm encountering some other problem with the new translator (error message rather than blank) so our workaround for now is to use the "Add Item by Identifier" option since the ISBN is displayed on the Amazon page.
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