can't transfer my library to group library and sync

According to the documentation, I should be able to simply drag and drop contents from my library into a group library that I have created. This does not work. I have synced my library so I can view it on the zotero web site and I (and others) can see the group that I created. But there doesn't appear to be any way to transfer files from my library to the group. I'm using 2.1.10 on firefox 7.0.1 for windows 7. Thanks.
  • In 2.1 you can drag items but not collections.

    In 3.0 you can drag either.
  • I'm using the 3.0 Firefox plugin and still can't drag and drop from my library to my group library.
  • please be more explicit about what "can't" means - what do you see?
    And does that only apply to collections or also to items? As Dan notes, it has always been possible to drag&drop items, even pre 3.0.
  • From what I understand, you can drag collections into the group library, or individual contents into a group collection. Perhaps the trouble, then. is trying to drag individual contents when there is no collection in the group library. I may, however, be completely wrong...
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