Can't find the file (Even if it was physically synch into the storage)


I got a really weird problem going on.

I synch a group library and Zotero successfully download all of the 1200 files. However, for some reasons, some PDF (maybe 50-150?) can't be localise by Zotero when click to open them. It DID really download them because when I search my computer, I find them in some crpytic folder inside Zotero storage exactly where it should be.

So here it is :
When I search within my computer I actually find the PDF in my Zotero Storage. So
- I take/copy the whole path,
- I go back Zotero screen,
- I click to "localize" the file,
- I paste into the field the whole path I just copied directly from the file.
- I then go back to my library again and when I click on the PDF, it still does not find it, even tho I had just provided the right path, which is in Zotero storage inside a cryptic folder like any other attached documents.

This makes no sense at all and seems to me to be a major problem.

  • What's an example of such a file path? Which operating system?
    Create a report ID for trying to open such a file:
    (ideally the same one you give a file path for)
  • Example of path :
    C:\Users\philippe\Desktop\Banque Zotero App\storage\4VMS9HSU

    I'd like to point out that Zotero created this emplacement by itself while synchronizing / importing the file from the server.

    Here, it is :

    Thanks to look into it! =)
  • but what's the file name? That should be included in the path.
  • Becker_MullerOregon_fetalVulnerabilityPolicy.pdf

    There you go =) (Yeah of course, it was indeed in the path, just didn't paste it properly to the forum)
  • If a file is missing and you click Locate, Zotero will take you to the correct directory if it exists. If it doesn't, it means the folder doesn't actually exist, and Zotero will take you to the 'storage' folder itself. You should never relink to a Zotero 'storage' subfolder you find in an OS search, because that file could easily belong to a different item, and Zotero doesn't use full paths for 'storage' subfolders. (Ideally Zotero would check whether you're selecting another subfolder and prevent it. I'm not sure what the current behavior is now, but it quite likely won't work right.)

    If Zotero can't find the file, most likely your files aren't properly syncing.

    You can check the eight-character key of an attachment item by right-clicking and generating a report for it and looking in the report URL. Does the key match the name of the folder where you found the file? If not, that's from a different item.
  • Okay, thanks for your explainations.

    When I click "Locate" Zotero brings me to the "storage" folder itself, like you pointed out. So somehow, Zotero consider that the subfolder and its PDF do not exist. Even tho it is Zotero itself which downloaded the file and created the subfolder.
    I can physically open the PDF when I search with OS. So, as you said, it must be a syncing problem. =S

    As far as I know, the attached PDF cannot be associated with any other Zotero item because it's mainly a library of standalone PDF.
    I guess I'll have to do what the very last paragraph on the page of the link you put there.
    No time for that today... but I'll keep you inform of my progress later on.

    Thanks Dan Stillman! You're Still the man.
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