I do not manage to have a short form of editor in susequent citation

I'm having some trouble with my custom citation style.
When I have a subsequent citation, author is correctly shortened (ex. 1st = Name Surname, Title, Place, Publisher, Date. 2nd = Surname, Title, op.cit.)
Nevertheless, when it is an editor, I don't get the same (ex. 1st = Name Surname (Ed.), Title, Place, Publisher, Date. 2nd = Name Surname, Title, op.cit.)
My issue is that for the subsequent, I only want the Editor's surname.
I spare you the weired things I tried to do it. They didn't wort.
I posted the correct (prior to my failed intents) at this url: git://gist.github.com/1290115.git
If someone has an idea, I would be very grateful.
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