Request: ARKive

[I assume requests for new translators go here, and not in 'Feature Requests']

Please can we have a site translator for ARKive, a project of the charity WildScreen (patrons include Sir David Attenborough and E.O. Wilson), which is "promoting the conservation of the world's threatened species, through the power of wildlife imagery" by locating and gathering films, photographs and audio recordings of the world's species into a centralised digital archive. Such media are displayed from infidvidual genus or species articles.

Specifically, it should recognise: i) species texts such as that on the Barn Owl and ii) individual references listed in such texts (and marked us as such in the HTML, for example with id="reference_1".

Unfortunately, the references' markup isn't granular, but it should be possible to scrape most of them.
  • I doubt this is going to happen. I wouldn't know what to do with species texts - what type of data would we even import? - and we can't parse fully formatted references for citation data.
    If you're in contact with the sites maintainers you could certainly suggest them to expose their metadata (e.g. implement COinS for their references)
    Also, obviously you should feel free to write a translator yourself
    which isn't that challenging anymore. All translators are currently written by and mostly maintained by volunteers.
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