taylor & francis tandfonline (former informaworld) no site translator works


since taylor & francis changed their plattform from informaworld to tandfonline it seems that zotero is not able any more to grab the metadata (not to speak about the pdf). Is there anybody out there to fix the problem? All discussions on the forum about t&f seems to be old ones referring to the old informaworld page.
example page:

thanks for any comment
  • indeed, thanks for the report. For older articles the item in the URL bar - using the DOI on the page - still works (it just takes a while until they register in CrossRef). For newer articles, you can use the "Download Citation" function and select RIS, for Zotero regular this will auto-import the citation - this won't work using standalone and the connectors.
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    thank you for your quick and instructive response!

    The citation download works fine although it can not download the article as pdf as attachment.
    A minor comment: I choosed the option to include the abstract into the download but zotero did not imported the abstact into the abstract field. It seems that the RIS importer can not handle this.

    Oh, I just saw, that the article does not have an abstract online. So it maybe not a problem of Zotero but that tandfonline offers an option it does not fullfill.

    I tested the function with a nother journal (rethinking history) that does provide abstracts and it works fine!
  • yep, abstracts are imported where T&F provides them, e.g. here:
  • FYI - T&F now has a dedicated translator that downloads fulltext pdfs (where you have access) and works on search pages as well as TOCs - your copy of Zotero will update within a day or you can update your translators from the Zotero preferences.
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