Remove field codes for just a part of the document or edit prefixes?

Hello to everyone,
I work on my PhD thesis on OpenOffice Writer and use a custom style with citations as infrapage notes. I have 4 chapters for around 350 pages. I finalized the two first chapters and I'm still writting chapter 3 and 4. I have now to submit the two first one finalized with adequate editing.
Nevertheless, ther are 2 things I'm unable to do:
o To put a e in exponent in a book title (ex. in "XXe si├Ęcle", "e" should be exponent). I saw on the documentation how to include an exponent in an automatically generated field (ex. volume, edition, etc.) but not in the middle of a plain field such as Title.
o To include italics or exponents in my citation prefixes. I can edit them with my text editor, but they disapear each time I click in "Refresh"

Therefore, I would like to know if someone has a solution either to solve these two issues or to Remove field codes of my chapters 1 and 2 without removing those for chapter 3 and 4.
Thanks in advance!

Does someone know if there is a way to remove field codes only for a part of the document.
  • You can do both using mark-up -

    <sup>This is superscipt </sup>
    This is superscript>

    <i>These are italics</i>
    These are italics

    (To remove field codes for part of a document you would select and copy the part from which you need to remove field codes, paste it into a new document, remove field codes there, select and copy again and paste it back into the original document, then delete the now duplicate part that still has the field codes - though that doesn't seems necessary here).
  • Adam, you are my guardian angel! I'll keep the fields and add italics and superscript. I missed that in the website. Was it somewhere in the documentation? Thank you.
  • If it's in the documentation it's well hidden - I certainly wouldn't know where to look - this is relatively new (Zotero 2.1 upwards) and some of the documentation isn't quite up to date.

    If you're interested, it's in Wiki format -
    and we could certainly need help.

    One place to add it would be here:
  • Thanks. I'll look more closely how to contribute to the documentation elaboration. I guess I have to register as contributor first. I don't know how indicated it is for someone who isn't an English native speaker in terms of writing skills. But I would be exited to participate to this effort. I'm convinced Zotero is one of the most promising open source endeavor for the moment. I look forward to seeing it, one day, synchronizing with other free software I use in my researches (namely Calibre and TXM:
  • your English is fine - if there's a grammatical error in the documentation that's no big deal, someone will fix it going along.
    Alternatively, you could help to expand and improve documentation in French.
  • Hello. I edited the wiki page you mentionned. I hope it is fine.

    I also wanted to add the superscript tip for editing item fields (several questions refer to including a "th" in supescript within titles, eg. in XXth Century). I planed to edit this article:

    Nevertheless the wiki text editor is not in html, so I don't know how to insert superscripts to give an example. What is the equivalent of //italics// for superscript?

    Happy Christmas!
  • Thanks. Superscript is
    just google "Wiki syntax" - this is mostly the same across different wikipedia systems - i.e. pretty much anything that works on Wikipedia, for example, will work on the dokuwiki.
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