Error: file could not be created (#1942589974)

This is re: problem report #1942589974

I'm getting the following error message:

The file 'K9KNWTZP/Greenlees and McClelland - 2008 - Addressing misconceptions about the Consumer Price.pdf' could not be created in the Zotero 'storage' directory

This is on a Windows machine trying to sync a file created on a Linux machine. I don't see any weird characters in the file name, and I've made sure that the local directory is not set to read-only. My only other thought is that the file name might be too long? But this file name was automagically generated by Zotero, so I'd hope that it should work on all platforms.

Any ideas?
  • Clear the Read-Only flag on the entire 'zotero' directory and try temporarily disabling any security software you have installed. Generally there should be a different message when the filename is too long.
  • Thanks for the suggestion, Dan. I did already clear the read-only flag on the entire directory, and my AV software (AVG Free Edition) reports that it hasn't blocked anything, so I don't think it's either of those two things.
  • Up to you, but I'd recommend trying with your AV software disabled. If there are really no hidden extended characters in that filename, something is interfering with Zotero's ability to save, and there's not really anything we can do about that. AV software often interferes without warnings.

    (I would be surprised if AVG Free Edition was interfering, though. Usually it's the suites that interfere.)
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    Oh, wait. Judging by the error report, there may in fact be a carriage return in the middle of that filename (after "misconceptions). That shouldn't be able to get in there, but try retyping the filename on the Linux machine, relinking it in Zotero, and resyncing.

    How did you import this file into Zotero?
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    I did try with AVG disabled and no joy. But looking at the error message, the line does break in an odd place, so I'll bet you're right about the embedded CR. I'll give that theory a try when I get back to the office Friday. :)

    (I think I create the entry for this paper by hand, but I might have cut and pasted the title from a web page, so it would have been easy for something to sneak in there.)
  • OK. Another user reported the same issue and also thinks it came from copy/paste, so we'll take a look at preventing that.
  • I edited the title, renamed the file w/ Zotero's built-in function, and everything synced! Looks like it was the embedded CR or something similar. Thanks, Dan! :)
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