Pluggable Syncing

I know that some kind of syncing is planned. I Imagine this is along the lines of syncing an entire database with a central server? This would be great, but I can also imagine some kind of pluggable syncing architecture, whereby individual collections could be sync'd with their own sources.

As an example, I'd like to be able to keep one collection as a window onto my CiteULike account, preferably writing in both directions.

Difficult, I know, and no more than an inchoate suggestion at this stage, but I guess there's no harm in floating ideals briefly ..

I can see Zotero being an ideal framework in which to organise and co-ordinate multiple sources of data, rather than only being a fixed centralised global store of its own.
  • CB: yes on all counts. We're working on a powerful, feature-rich central server for synching, but even right now developers can write what we're calling "utilities" to synch information to and from other sources. For example, want to send a copy to your account every time you add a tag to a URL in Zotero? Should be quite simple. We'll be publishing some guides to getting started in utility writing soon (over in And we'll have a repository for utilities on this site in the future.
  • Sounds good. I'll keep an eye out.
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