Where best to amend inserted citations?

I am new to Zotero but have been quite impressed by it and begun to actively use it to organize my citations. I use Zotero plugin with Word 2003 (Win) to insert citations and have had no problems (that amazes me actually). My question here is about editing the inserted citations so that they include more than just the authors and years, for example adding something like "e.g.," and "but see" to the front of a list of citations. These according to APA style should go inside the parentheses. I tried two ways, adding them in Word fields after the citations have been inserted, or adding them in the Zotero plugin citation editor (despite the warning message). Both seem to work as far as I could tell, but I am kind of concerned about messing things up in places that I don't see. Is there an instruction somewhere about where/how this type of additions should be "officially" handled?
  • Have a look at this in general:

    and for your specific question this:

    Both of the things you've done so far aren't a great idea - Zotero will likely overwrite things that you add in in Word (so they'll just disappear without you noticing), and using the "show editor" window is a bad idea because of the reasons stated in the warning message.
  • Thank you! I've wondered about (and ignored) the prefix and suffix fields and now finally know what they are meant for.
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