Highlighting & Sticky Notes Won't Save

I've never been able to get highlighting and sticky notes to save on my snapshots. It's possible I'm just doing it wrong though.

So, I: highlight, add stickies, add a tag (hoping that this recorded change will affect the other two), and then perform a manual sync. Closing the tab and reopening or navigating off of it and reopening the snapshot, it doesn't save highlighting or stickies thought the tags I added are there.

I'm using Firefox 6.0.2 and Zotero 2.1.10
  • my understanding is that this is a feature that's no longer maintained and supported - medium run it's going to be replaced by something better that, among other things, will sync.
  • I see. Well, here's hoping it's sooner rather than later, because it would extremely useful for me.

    Thanks for the response Adam.
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    Highlighting and annotations can be made and saved in a pdf and stored in Zotero.

    While it cannot be done directly in Zotero, as a workaround I've found it helpful to drag the selected pdf to a folder, open and edit that copy, then drag it back into the parent record in Zotero and delete the original pdf there.

    The next time the pdf is opened in Zotero, the annotations and highlights can be viewed. Not ideal, but at least it keeps all the modified files in Zotero instead of in folders externally.

    (Opps, this should have been in a different discussion, sorry.)
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