If an older version of Zotero goes into sync mode, will it wipe out new data?

I have Zotero on two computers. I've been using it on my new computer for 6 months and havent touched Zotero on the old computer. I know want to sync them so I can use both. I want to make sure I have this right so I dont accidentally delete my library.

If I turn on the old computer and load Zotero, I should sync it and then it will bring in the new data, erase entries that I had recently erased on my new computer, and modify ones I changed? I do not want it to add entries that are on the old computer that I had deleted or to replace the entries I modified on the new computer with the ones on the old.

That being the case, do I want to simply ask the old computer/older Zotero library to go into sync mode?
  • I would make a back-up to be safe http://www.zotero.org/support/zotero_data (not least because you should always have back-ups) but yes, syncing should do exactly what you want.

    Before you sync your old computer you should make sure to empty your trash (the Zotero trash - the file system trash is irrelevant) and then sync the new one so that the deleted items are actually deleted.
  • Ok....so I'll delete the trash on my old Zotero and then sync away.

    One question: where is the Zotero trash? You mean in the program, not a separate file, correct?
  • right - scroll down in the left-hand panel for the trash.
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