Import from FF Extension Scrapbook

Is there any sensible way to import items from the FireFox extension "Scrapbook"? ( )

I was using Scrapbook as my reference collector, but it does not have even the basics of Zotero so I am switching. But I have thousands of items that will be painful to revisit, renote and re-tag.

I apologize if this is answered somewhere but I searched on "scrapbook" with zero results. The many import references were not helpful to me. Any advice appreciated.
  • What type of export functionality does scrapbook have? Can you export your saved items in some type of format?
  • Same problem. Scrapbook exports to folder structure and HTML. Internally have RDF format.
  • With release of FF57, old scrapbook extensions no longer work and the "replacement" WebScrapbook doesn't have the same features.
    This add impetus to be able to import these old scrapbooks into Zotero standalone.
    Expanding on nilsandrey, scrapbooks native storage is a single RDF file that defines the logical folder structure, names, comments, and source URL pointer to the stored item: a data directory with a subdirectory per stored item (webpage, pdf, etc
  • This isn't something we're going to do on our end, but someone could try to write an import translator for it.
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