Add note doesn't place focus in note

FF 7.0.1
Z 3.0b2
Z SA 3.0b2.1
all extensions disabled

When I add a note via right pane/Notes/Add, the focus is not in the open note (as I expect) until I click in the note.

This is also true when I right-click an item in the center pane and Add Note.

However, it is usually true when I Add Child Note from the tool bar, but not always! Adding the first note, there is no focus. If I immediately add a second note (via the tool bar) the focus is there ready to write. However, if I go to a different item, and then come back, or even if I just reselect the parent item, then add a new note, the focus is absent.

That additional click is pretty frustrating, especially if I forget that I need to do it, and i start typing (looking at my source, not the note) I might type a whole paragraph before noticing that nothing has been entered.

I hope that gives you enough information. Is this just my system? A bug? A feature? Am I missing something?

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