1.0.2 OOo plugin/Zotero doesn't seem compatible with documents created in 1.0.1

After a lot of installing, uninstalling, looking for dangling references, etc., I've finally gotten the 1.0.1 OOo extension working. At least for new documents I create. But when I use documents I created under 1.0.1, there seems to be some kind of incompatibility. Whenever I try to do something with the plugin, I get this

BASIC runtime error.
An exception occurred
Type: com.sun.star.uno.RuntimeException
Message: .

It opens up the Basic editing window with this line highlighted:
oDupRange = thisComponent.currentController.viewCursor.Text.createTextCursorByRange(oMark.Anchor)

in the subDeleteMark(oRef=, True=True) subroutine

Is there any way I can make these old documents compatible?
  • Is there a 1.0.1 document you could send us at support@zot....org to test?
  • Thanks for responding. I've sent you a stripped down version of the article I was working on when I noticed this. I subsequently (sort of) got it working again by deleting the bibliography, changing the preferences to "ReferenceMarks" and then adding the bibliography back in, but the problem persists if I use "Bookmarks".
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