zotero standalone keeps reinstalling word processor and browser plugins

Hey, I just installed the zotero standalone beta yesterday, and it looks great! But everytime I start it up it wants to install the open office integration plugin and the google chrome connector plugin over again. How can I fix that?

Mac OS X 10.6.8
Zotero 3.0b2.1
Open Office 3.3.0
  • Can you provide a report ID? It's possible there's an error that's preventing installation from completing.

    Also, it doesn't install the Chrome Connector automatically.
  • Thanks for responding!

    Report ID:1101690303
    Chrome version: 14.0.835.186

    I know the install is not automatic, it opens a webpage with a button to install the connector, I click it and it appears to install fine.
  • Can you generate a report ID from Standalone? It sounds like your preferences aren't getting saved, although I have no idea why that would be an issue.
  • Report ID from Standalone: 1027259152

    Sorry about the messy reporting from my side, haven't done this before.
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