Hi, simply refers back to the style for Nature. That is not correct according to the instructions at

I would appreciate help getting the style updated. Any interest?

    applies to corrections, too.
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    OK, I can edit xml when we get to the final details, but I don't know how to start modifying a style that only refers to a parent.

    Similar: Nature is fairly similar.

    Differences: (for Journal)

    • six authors should be listed before abbreviating with et al.

    • No special separator when only two authors.

    • Year in parenthesis should follow authors.

    • No periods in Journal abbreviations.

    • In text citation should be Author et al, Year

    • Multiple citations should be separated by semi-colon

  • I'm quite busy with other styles - if you feel like you're able to modify XML just modify the Nature style and rename it (i.e. change title, id and link), for me it'll be a while until I get a chance to get to this.
  • I am making good progress. At least for my needs which basically is only journal articles.

    One small thing I can't figure out. In the bibliography six authors are listed followed by et al if there are more authors. According to in such a case et al is always preceded by the name delimiter (a comma in my case). I don't want that last comma before et al. Any solution?
  • there will be - I think it's something like delimiter-precedes-et-al="false" but afaik it's not currently supported.
  • it's actually delimiter-precedes-et-al="never"
  • A style is now available at
  • better to link to it on the zotero repository. Users can install the style using this link:
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