Manchester Uni Library Catalogue Translator

I am having trouble bringing entries into Zotero. The icon is not appearing for the Manchester Uni Library Catalogue. All other sites and library catalogue are working as per normal.

Example link -


Report Error Reference ID - 1385798039
  • Manchester is using the Talis Prism OPAC, which Zotero once had support for, but it looks like the support was rather fragile, and the translator no longer works. It would be relatively straightforward to build such a translator for Manchester and other Talis Prism libraries, as it appears that they now include a link to RIS-formatted bibliographic data in item pages' headers. I won't be able to work on this for some time, but you may want to speak with librarians to see if someone could work on writing a translator for Zotero. If they could add links to the RIS on the item pages, Zotero's RIS importer would make imports a one-click operation as well.
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    A post on Code4Lib informs me that an RDF representation can be requested by merely appending .rdf to the item URLs:

    That makes writing a translator pretty simple-- we'll see what can be done.
  • A translator for Manchester and other Talis Prism 2nd generation library catalogs is now up and should work quite well.
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