Workaround to disable spell checker

  • Yes, it is working for me now. Thank the gods.

    Now if we could just change the language and re-enable it...
  • Thank you!!!
  • I also like to thank you very much!!! :D
  • Thanks, AJUC. Changing the setting to zero disabled the spellchecker and now all those red wavy lines are gone. After years of living with those distracting red lines, I'm thrilled to have them gone.

    I wouldn't have minded the red lines if there was a way to context click the word, get a spelling suggestion, and make the correction. But as it is, the red lines simply indicated a word was either unrecognized or misspelled with no straightforward way to make the correction. That was annoying and again, thanks for the suggestion.
  • Thank you very much!
  • Thank you, just disabled it and it's a pleasure to work without red wavy lines.
  • Thank you very much!!! I was getting desperate because of all the red colour in my notes!!
  • Hi everyone,

    many thanks for this solution.

    Fortunately I finally got rid of this distracting underlining.

    I wish all of you a happy New Year.


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    Just to update this old thread, Zotero 6, released earlier this year, includes non-English spellchecking. It can be configured by right-clicking on the note editor.
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