how to enforce indexing of pages?

whenever i attach a page to a zotero library entry or simply "Create new item from current page" the attachment is *not* indexed. My use of zotero depends on indexing the data.

The pages consist of several frames; for navigation javascript and cookies have to be enabled. Do you have any ideas how to enforce indexing these pages?

Thank you for zotero an incredinle tool.

Ciao, gregor
  • I have the same problem that you do Gregor.

    Although some of my lexisnexis pages are indexed and others are not.

    The real problem I have with pages not being indexed is that I cannot highlight or make annotations on the webpages.

  • It's because of the frame
    You can right click-->this frame-->show only this frame. And then take a snapshot.
    This may need some adds-on. I'm not sure
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